Employee Gifting: Everything You SHOULD Know & Why It Should Be Your Priority

As humans, we spend our lives seeking positive affirmations from everyone that we hold in esteem - parents, teachers, friends, and the list goes on. This is because positive affirmation or praise reinforces a positive self-image and increases dopamine in our brain, keeping us healthier and happier.

Employee Gifts = Positive Affirmation for Employees 


Professional relationships play out in the same way, and it is even more critical for employees to be happy in their workplace because they probably spend more time at work than they do at home.

Your employees like to be acknowledged for their contributions, especially when they have worked hard to achieve what they have. And why would they work so hard if their work was not going to be recognized? Hence, here's the need for employee gifting.

Recognition and appreciation help employees look at themselves positively, improves the levels of satisfaction they feel with their jobs, and gives them a sense of purpose. The consequence is an increase in their productivity levels. What’s more, they feel like they belong to the company, which results in strong company culture and a shared purpose of working towards the organization’s goals.

In the long run, a stable, positive, and desirable working environment enables the company to attract and retain relevant talent. Also, it allows for the development and grooming of future leaders.

When your company’s success depends on your employees’ performance, it makes sense to facilitate them to put in their best efforts. Hence understanding how employee gifting, rewards, and recognition work on a psychological level is key to building a competitive advantage.

Who does not want healthy, happy, motivated, and highly productive employees and team members?

Know How To Make Employee Gifting Fun and Easy

Remote Employee Gifts - The upward trend of remote gifting

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced offices to shut down and employees to work from home. At first, what seemed like a bad situation suddenly became a viable option even as offices began to re-open. This is because many businesses have realized that remote teams have several benefits over their in-house counterparts. Many companies have thus started commissioning some of their employees to work from home permanently.

However, even though remote working can be a boon, integrating remote employees needs special attention and can be extremely challenging. Workers who do not come into the office tend to feel isolated far more quickly than those that do. This can lead to alienated and unproductive workers in the long run. If this aspect is neglected, both the employees and the organization can pay the price.

The success of your company depends on the satisfaction, motivation, and productivity of your employees. Making them feel like they are a valuable part of the company can bridge the gaps that quickly develop when working remotely. Therefore, it is especially crucial to look after your remote employees and make them feel valued and supported if your goal is to build strong teams and attain long-term stability. An easy way to achieve this is by sending gifts to your remote employees.

Delight Your Remote Employees

How Does Employee Gifting Benefit Your Company?


Recognition for contributions works on a deeper psychological level and is not just about boosting the ego of an employee.

It can also:

  1. Establish a sense of belonging and purpose
  2. Increase overall productivity
  3. Decrease stress levels and increase emotional wellbeing
  4. Give employees a tangible sense of their professional performance
  5. Help retain talent (Studies show that 82% of employees who quit their jobs did so because they did not think they received enough recognition.)
  6. Boost satisfaction
  7. Increase employee engagement
  8. Encourage high performance
  9. Generate ROI
  10. Cement lasting employee relationships
  11. Show you value your employees and the relationship you share with them
  12. Improve the impression of you and your company
  13. Show gratitude
  14. Act as a motivator
  15. Retain dedicated employees
  16. Help in building bonds with the employee
  17. Build morale

Why would you not want to make rewards and recognition a crucial part of your company culture when they offer so many benefits?

How do recognition and rewards give your organization an edge?

Simply put, rewards and recognition mean everything - they are the best things that could happen to employees. They not only drive dedication but also improve the well-being of employees and the longevity of their careers.

Companies that attract and retain the best talent have solid reward and recognition programs.

Employees who feel secure are more likely to spread a positive culture in the office and, in turn, acknowledge their colleagues’ achievements (basically, your star performer’s enthusiasm will be infectious). Your employees will be the best ambassadors both within and outside the organization, and no price can be put on that.

What are the most effective ways to give employee gifts?


Rewarding is done mostly through either gifts or cash incentives. However, many employers think that gift incentives are much better than cash because they are a vastly more economical way of achieving the same results as a cash incentive.

And they have a host of other benefits that cash does not offer.

  1. Gifts are more personal- Although cash is excellent, there is nothing more personal than a gift meant for the specific recipient.
  2. Gifts are unforgettable- Let’s admit it, they are always more fun and make better memories than cash.
  3. Gifts are guilt-free- In the case of cash, recipients are more likely to use it on routine expenses or wonder how they can put the cash to more important use than lavishly spending it on themselves. When it comes to gifts, recipients can actually enjoy them guilt-free.
  4. Gifts are more tangible- Because cash just gets spent and forgotten and gifts are more physical than cash, it makes them more real and memorable.
  5. Gifts are long term- Tokens that last for a long time promote sustained positive feelings towards the company every time the recipient uses the gift.

So, as you see, gifts are a way better option for both employers and employees as compared to cash rewards. Employee gifts make your team members feel more appreciated, increasing employee engagement and retention.

How to use employee gifts strategically


There are many ways to reward your teams/employees and strategically use your gifting program- if you are wondering how to!

If you cannot think of any, here are some examples:

  • All-round Employee of the year
  • Best performing teams
  • Best innovation
  • Best cost-saving ideas
  • Best client servicing
  • Employees with the least absenteeism

Better still, you could tweak your gifting program to suit the needs of your company.

Now that you know how and why, it is time to explore the when!

So, when is a good time to give employee gifts? 

There is no perfect time to motivate your employees. Anytime is a good time! But if you are confused about the best time, here is a list of ideas to get you started.

  1. Host competitions- Give out awards for team competitions. These are not only team-building exercises, but they promote bonding and healthy competition.
  2. Bring in the festivities- Make your workplace festive too! Festivals and holidays are always great times to give out gifts.
  3. Appreciation days- Fix a day, annually, when you can appreciate your employees. If not, you could do it on Employee Appreciation Day (the first Friday in March).
  4. Random occasions- You could call for gift giving and appreciation on any random day. You are the boss and can follow your own calendar!
  5. Employee birthdays- Make your employees feel special on their birthdays. This simple, thoughtful gesture is compelling and will always be appreciated.
  6. Work anniversaries- Celebrating work anniversaries are an excellent idea and an appropriate and meaningful time to show appreciation and gratitude.
  7. Remote teams- Teams that work remotely need even more motivation. Gifts are an excellent choice for your remote teams.
  8. New employees- Make your new talent feel welcome and part of the team with exciting welcome gifts.

These motivate employees to work hard and promote healthy competition among your employees, driving everyone to up their game and perform to the best of their abilities.

Things to bear in mind when giving gifts to employees

There are a few things to bear in mind when you are gifting your employees.

  1. Remember, your gifts are tokens of appreciation.
  2. They do not have to be madly expensive, but on the other hand, being cheap is not a good idea either.
  3. Your employees are sure to love good quality, thoughtful, and relevant gifts (No! don’t be a cheapskate and buy mass gifts- it does not work the same magic!)

But, hey, we know there are just so many things you have to bear in mind when gifting. It takes up a lot of mental space and a lot of time and effort.

This brings us to - how do you then accomplish all of this?

Employee Gifting has come a long way!


Imagine if you could automate your whole gifting program. All you had to do was decide how much you wanted to spend, and everything else was taken care of for you- right from choosing the gift to packaging and delivering it.

Yes! It’s possible! The Eva Gifting Assistant does all of the above.

The salient features of Eva:

Eva Gifting Assistant works on AI and accomplishes things that humans may find challenging to do. For example, if you want to send your team of thousand employees gifts, let Eva know how much you want to spend and email the link that Eva generates to the recipients- and that is all you have to do!

1) Based on AI

Eva is based on artificial intelligence and works on gathered data. It will chat with the recipients and collect as much data as it needs to make a gift choice. But that is not all. It also uses Google data, weather data, data on gifting trends, etc. to come up with the perfect gift for the recipients.

Since Eva uses so much data to make a gift choice, it has a whopping 95% gift acceptance rate. But then again, how can it be wrong when it does so much homework to choose a gift?

2) Personalized

When Eva chats with the recipients, it makes sure to get as much information it can about them- birthdates, preferences, and interests or if they have pets, etc. In fact, it even finds out if the recipient has any allergies. You would not want to send a box of nuts to a person who is allergic to them or a bottle of alcohol to a teetotaler.

Did You Know

This way, recipients get a gift they have practically chosen themselves, making it more relevant and exciting. But more importantly, Eva does what a human may feel awkward to do- ask personal questions to zero in on the perfect gift. But before you think that maybe creepy, Eva has a 99% chat completion rate - meaning the chat is intuitive and fun, and recipients do not mind sharing their preferences.

Eva also puts in a handwritten note that seals the deal for a delighted recipient.

3) Satisfaction Guaranteed

Eva is very particular about getting it right every single time. In fact, so particular, it asks the recipient for a rating after they receive the gift. If the recipient rates the gift less than a 4 out of 5, Eva dispatches another gift totally free of cost to the recipient.

But this data is not just for feedback. Eva uses this data on gift preferences to hone and refine gift choices for future recipients, so satisfaction is guaranteed every single time. 

4) Complete Automation

Eva allows you to completely automate your gifting program by connecting it to your CRM and send out gifts with a few clicks of your mouse. It also allows you to measure the ROI of your gifting program.

Because Eva is collecting recipient data and keeping track of it all, it also means that Eva will never send the same gift twice to a recipient. How cool is that?

As we’d said before, Eva is the ultimate gifting assistant. Eva will not just help keep your gifting program on track but will also help you save considerable amounts of time and effort because it can accomplish (in a few minutes) what no human can achieve.

But how does all this translate for you? 

If you have not figured it out by now, two of the most significant advantages of Eva is that it helps you save:

  1. Time
  2. Effort

And it accomplishes the job perfectly, allowing you to use your time in other areas that are important to your business. It is one of the best ways to incorporate a gift program for your employees

Eva’s Selection of Top Employee Gifts for 2021!

To give you an idea of the kind of gifts Eva sends out that have received rave reviews, here are some of the favorites among our gift recipients...

1) Knocki, a delightful, smart device


It instantly transforms ordinary surfaces (walls, tables, doors, furniture, countertops, & more) into powerful yet easy to access remotes for your favorite devices. It is rated a 4.2 out of 5 by recipients.

2) The Larq Self Cleaning Smart Bottle


This attractive 500 ml bottle in Monaco Blue is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. It uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle and is rated 5 stars by recipients.

3) Eulogia of Sparta

Gift an opportunity to taste some of the world’s rarest and exclusive honey varieties. The best chestnut trees’ blossom honey is produced in the protected chestnut forests in Greece. It is no wonder that recipients have rated this gift by Eva at a 4.6.

4) Artisan Chocolatier - Dome Collection


It is Feve’s most colorful collection! The gorgeous box of dome-shaped truffles with seasonal flavors that are wildly popular is what makes it an exciting gift making it a 4.3 with recipients!

5) Ethiopia Guji Light Roast Coffee (Ground)

This delicious, aromatic roast from 3-19 is sourced from the Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm, a 1,200- acre estate. It has been rated at a 4.4 by recipients who are coffee lovers.

6) Tea Drops


This uber-convenient classic tea assortment, rated 4.5 stars by the recipients, features a keepsake box containing delicious pressed-leaf lightly sweetened with organic sugar.

7) Codigo 1530 Rosa Tequila

This tequila is made with traditional methods and is expressive and flavorful. Thrilled recipients have rated it a 4.7.

8) TeroForma 1pt Infusion Blends

This gift was rated a 4.4 by recipients who could enjoy delicious classic cocktails at home. It contains packs of the TeroForma signature blends of Ginger, Barrel, and Spiced Vanilla infusions.

9)  Essential Oil and Diffuser

This Diffuser Gift set by HoMedics, rated a 4.4 by recipients, uses a waterless operation diffuser and essential oil pads to release fragrance and gives your space a breath of fresh air.

10) Quatro Mini Massager


This colorful nodes and fun mini massager by HoMedics gives an invigorating spot massage. It was rated at a 4.4 for its palm-sized battery-operated design, which makes it convenient and fun!

There are a variety of gifts for people with different preferences and interests in Eva’s catalog. And the best part is that Eva knows how to choose the most exciting and trendy gifts for every recipient!


Employee recognition and rewards is a vital aspect of managing your human resources. It makes a desirable work environment for your current employees as well as attracts the best new talents.

Creating a positive work environment through recognition and rewards is tremendously powerful and is guaranteed to have a profound impact on your employees as well as an advantageous effect on the bottom line of your business.

As Dale Carnegie, the leadership training guru, points out, "People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards."

If you are not using a rewards and recognition program to appreciate and motivate your team to perform at their very best, you should seriously consider doing so, and now is the best time to start!

So, go ahead and let Eva’s most perfect, personalized corporate gifts express your gratitude and appreciation to all those who contribute to your business.

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