Best Sendoso Alternative: Eva Gifting Assistant

If you think marketing your products to customers, clients, and prospects is enough, then you’re dead wrong. It takes something more fundamental to knit that elusive lasting human connection – gifting.

Our research proves that even after a year, 98% of people remember the gifts they gotWhat does that mean for you? Memorability and brand recall increase with gifts, which drives your ROI.

Gifts don’t just knit relationships with customers. A thoughtful gift makes a huge impact on your employees too. What we’re trying to say is:

Current times make personalized and thoughtful gifts more important than ever before to make your employees and customers feel valued and appreciated.

That’s where we swoop in! We make corporate, employee, and occasion gifting easier.

We are NOT another gifting e-commerce store.

We’re a data-driven, personal gifting assistant. Call us Eva, the perfect Sendoso alternative.

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What to Look For In a Sendoso Alternative?

When corporates think of sending gifts to drive connection, they automatically opt for the known name in the market like Sendoso, even when there are alternatives offering better results.

In case you are one of those rare few (and smart) people hunting for a better alternative, here’s what you should look for in the platform:

  • Do you get a fully integrated gifting and ROI solution?
  • Are you allowed to customize your gift options?
  • Is the delivery taken care of by them?
  • Do the reviews match the gift rating?

Eva offers completely automated and personal gifting. The gifting assistant can customize both the gift and the packaging.

Why packaging too? Because the way a gift is delivered makes a tremendous impression on its perceived value. Plus, an awesome gift in a bland and boring bag doesn’t have the same ring to it!

Eva also does a bang-up job of delivery. Every gift is sent with a handwritten note. A small gesture that exemplifies: It’s the thought that counts.

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Eva, The Perfect Sendoso Alternative

Eva - the Perfect Sendoso Alternative

The journey of Eva

Eva had a very humble beginning (yes, in a garage!) in the hands of four immigrants in the fast and competitive Silicon Valley. They knew cultivating professional relationships would be hard. But they also knew gifts would go a long way in knitting those connections.

The glitch? The traditional way of professional gifting is generally transactional (think: gift cards). If not that, then it’s plain awkward.

Why? Because people are hesitant to share preferences, likes, and dislikes with another human whom they barely know. It is an invasion of privacy with a high risk of judgment.

That’s when lightning struck. Talking to a chatbot, people are not only more comfortable giving answers but also honest about them.

That’s how Eva Gifting Assistant was born.

It took away the need to have awkward conversations that reveal sufficient personal information to give a great, personalized gift.

The vision of Eva

The vision of Eva

With Eva, we envision a future where:

Tangible gifts are the norm.

Physical gifts that actually land on a person’s table create a powerful visual memory. Impersonal gift cards or other equivalents can never match it.

Gifting is entirely data-driven.

In the business world, AI does a much better job of selecting and sending personalized gifts. A person choosing random gifts based on assumptions and perceptions can never compare.

What Makes Eva Special?

What Makes Eva Special

Our hyper-connected world makes it easy to create professional connections. Cultivating them into strong relationships? Not so much. That’s what makes Eva unique.

As an automated gifting platform, we help you nurture better and more humane relationships with prospects, clients, and employees.

That we make gifting, at scale, less time-consuming, and more efficient is just the icing on the sweet cake!

How Can Eva Make Gifting Easier?

How Can Eva Make Gifting Easier

It’s called the art of gifting for a reason. Deciding what to gift and when to gift takes time and effort. And corporates are thin on both.

Even if you do have some idea about what you wish to gift, the challenge is to personalize it enough to match the receiver’s taste.

Eva, through a lot of data, has gained true mastery in the art so that you don’t have to worry about gifting the right thing.

Tried & Tested Ways to Gift Right

1. No Hassle of Choosing Gifts

Getting to know your clients or employees to the degree that you can choose and send distinctly tailored gifts is tough. To do it at scale? Near impossible.

Eva condenses the laborious process into a single, simple action. All you have to do is send an email or text. Everything else – from getting the giftee’s preferences to picking the perfect gift – Eva does.

2. Data-driven Gifting

The thorniest challenge in corporate gifting is tailoring it to taste. Eva solves it with data. When giftees chat with our friendly AI-powered bot, and we collect:

  • Preferences (what they love)
  • Contextual data (what’s the occasion)
  • Logistical data (important dates)

Marry this to the feedback data we capture from our giftees, and Eva ensures that the experience of getting a gift is fun for the receiver!

3. Gifts That Delight Your Giftees

No one hates a gift, except when it is something they already own. But a gift with a surprise element is truly the best. That’s what Eva does.

The gifting assistant makes sure that the gift shipped to your employee or client is something new. More than that, it is something the receiver will be delighted to explore, like coffee beans in a brand new roast!

4. Unique Gifts That Drive Your ROI

Even a small personal touch or a tiny thoughtful gift can make a big difference. In the business world, it can be the difference between dead silence and a new lead.

Over the years, we trained our gift recommendation engine to select unique gifts – gifts people are more likely to love, which drives your ROI! That’s why Eva’s catalog has over 400 innovative and artisanal items like smart home gadgets and gourmet food.

A Sneak Peek Into The Diverse Catalog that Eva Picks the Gifts From

5. Easily integrates with your CRM

Eva connects with several CRM, which means you can automatically trigger it to send gift boxes on a regular basis. Think recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries.

6. Delivery is Taken Care Of

If choosing a gift is a big hurdle, then a bigger one is packaging and delivering it. You already know Eva handles the first like a champ. Completing the circle, Eva even takes care of packaging and delivery too.

With Eva, the tedious and tiresome task shifts from you to us. You can track the gift while it’s in transit, and you get a notification after it’s delivered!

We keep the packaging classy or branded (if that’s the way you like your tea). Branded boxes are fully bespoke packages that add the perfect hint of customization. The handwritten note inside takes the gift from 0 to 60 in no time.

Facts, figures, and numbers can never be at par with human connections. So, anything you can do to foster those connections is worth your while. Eva is the most potent weapon in your arsenal to build that sphere of influence.

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Gifting Made Easy With Eva!

Gifting Made Easy With Eva

What does Eva actually do? How does Eva do it?

As we said before, Eva is not a gifting e-commerce store. Those abound plenty. Eva assists you in sending the perfect and unique gift for a client, employee, or an occasion; so that you don’t have to worry about gifting the right thing.

What’s more? With Eva, you can send a gift with zero stress in under 5 minutes. Let’s unpack on how you can use Eva.

What do you have to do?

Your role is done and dusted in 2 steps. Everything else, Eva pulls off like a magician.

Step 1: Tell Eva, who’s the giftee, along with the price.

  • Enter your name.
  • Enter either the name or mobile number of the recipient.
  • Select the price you are willing to pay for the gift, including packaging and shipping!
  • Pick the occasion. Think referral gift, housewarming gift, birthday gift, etc.

Step 2: Share the Eva gift link with your giftee!

  • Create a unique gift link.
  • Send it to your gift recipient.

Psst, you can link Eva with your email or CRM to send gift links automatically!


Send A Gift In 5 Minutes

How Eva chooses the perfect gift?

After you share the unique gift link with the recipient and click on it, Eva chats with them. Our AI-powered chatbot asks the giftee simple (and fun) questions.

What sort of questions?

  • What suits your taste buds?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Do you have pets?


Why the questions?

Because they help Eva learn the tastes and preferences of your giftee. By capturing this data, Eva ensures that the recipient loves the gift.

After the chat, Eva searches for the most suitable gift. How? By using the preferences collected from the giftee and other data like:

  • Local gift trends
  • Weather
  • Occasion

Eva also compares hundreds of reviews and ratings on gifts before picking the final, tailored option.

Data Perceptions

For the last step, Eva packages the gift in custom boxes before delivering it to your recipient. Why? Because a beautifully wrapped gift makes a deeper, more profound impression than one delivered with an obligatory bow on top.

And did we tell you that each gift box has a handwritten note on a branded postcard? Well, we did mention it before, it is the small touches that count the most.

When you send a gift through Eva, you know exactly what gift is chosen, what the packaging looks like, and when the gift is delivered. All this, and you don’t even have to go through the hassle of picking a gift!

Case Study

Case Study-Quote

As a token of appreciation, realtors give closing gifts to their clients. The reason being they make a good starting point to form bonds.

Cheryl Bower Cheryl Bowers, one of the top realtors in Silicon Valley, understood that it would take more to convert those connections into lasting relationships. To that end, she’s been using Eva for over two years.

With Eva, she has been able to divide a single closing gift into small five gifts spread over the year. She uses the gifting assistant to send personalized gifts on the right occasions to her previous customers.

This way, she remains on top-of-the-mind. And that helps her get more referrals and repeat buyers and sellers.

But doesn’t that cost her more?

On the contrary, it generates her about $90,000 in commissions while spending a mere $1,000 in 8 years!

Here’s how she does it. Let’s say she averages four gifts per year, and each gift is around $30 - $33. That makes her spend range $960 to $1056.

In the same 8 years, she had one repeat buy and one repeat sell. With a commission of 3% on $1,000,000 that comes out to be $60,000. Add in a converted referral of $30,000; the total is $90,000.

In a gist, any realtor (or corporate) who wishes to keep getting continuous referrals and not to mention outstanding online testimonials, needs to invest in gifts.

With Eva, that investment is minimal on your part. Besides setting your gift amount and sharing a link with the recipient, you don’t hand to lift a finger. From finding the perfect gift to packaging it to delivering it, Eva does it all.

What’s more, you can integrate it with a CRM to automatically deliver gifts on the right dates!


Over the years, we’ve sent thousands of gifts. While knowing that Eva curates’ gifts that genuinely delight receivers is a reward in itself, what makes us happier are your feedback.

We’ve got tweets, we got Instagram Stories, and of course, we got testimonials on our website. Here are a handful of snippets that struck a chord with us:


“One thing I never expected from blogging was how many extra holiday gifts I would get. Thank you, Wealth Tender, for sending me this wonderful Eva Gift.” If our giftees make our hearts skip a beat with every note, then our gifters are no less. Testimonials from the brands we’ve worked with are our validation! “When I was looking for a way to keep our team feeling connected while everyone works from home, Eva helped us recreate one of our favorite office traditions for the distributed world -- stocking each office’s pantry with a common set of snacks. It was a special way to bring everyone closer together and add some fun to the week opening the gift boxes all together at a team meeting.”

- Shannon Goggin, CEO - Noyo

“We love Evabot! They are the perfect gifting platform for all our gifting needs: welcome gifts for our portfolio founders, birthday gifts, thank you gifts, and custom event swag boxes. I am a super satisfied, high lifetime-value customer.”

- Ha Nguyen, Founding Partner - Spero Ventures

“Eva is a great way to thank candidates & customers and show you really care. And everyone loves chatting with Eva.”

- Will Staney, Founder - Proactive Talent

Innovative Gifting Options On Eva

Instead of focusing on building a massive gift catalog, Eva emphasizes on delivering high-quality, artisanal, and unique products.

A smaller gift catalog ensures that Eva collects a lot more feedback data on every category and each product. And that helps us ship gifts that people are more likely to enjoy, make use of, and fall in love with.

That doesn’t mean Eva’s catalog is limited! There are 100+ modern, direct-to-consumer brands on it.

Here are a handful of them that Eva gifting assistant intelligently picks to the delight of receivers, making it the best Sendoso alternative...

As you'd know by now, the gifts below are only to showcase a few of the many types of gifts the Eva Gifting Assitant picks for your clients. You need not worry about selecting of thinking about 'what to gift?'

Aervana Essential Electric Wine Aerator


Part of Aervana one-touch aeration line, the Essential Electric Wine Aerator provides instant aeration for wines for a smoother, fuller tasting glass. The perfect gift for people who love a little more flavor in their favorite red wines.

Die-hard wine enthusiasts and people who enjoy hosting picnics, barbecues, and dinner parties will also adore it in their Eva gift box.

VacuVin Wine Saver

VacuVin’s Wine Saver is the perfect gift for those who relish wine but never seem to finish a bottle. The vacuum pump makes it possible to enjoy the same wine bottle on another date.

How? It preserves the wine after you’ve opened it by extracting the air from the wine bottle. Once vacuumed, you can re-seal the bottle with a reusable rubber stopper.

Noise Cancelling Over the Ear Headphones


Avantree’s noise-canceling headphones are designed with you in mind. They are ultra-light and come with super soft earpads. Adjustable and foldable, these over-the-ear headphones are superb for listening to music, audibles, or podcasts on the go.

They make a delightful gift for people who get a buzz from pure music experience, especially in noisy surroundings.

DuraMobi Speaker


DuraMobi’s HumBird Speaker is the smallest bone conduction speaker in the world. Named after the Hummingbird, the tiny speaker delivers a high volume and high-quality audio. About 4x louder than a cell phone speaker, the HumBird is a great gift choice for anyone.

From artists who want to amplify their music for gamers who wish to increase the volume of their games, the lightweight and portable speaker is for everyone!

TP-Link Smart Plug

A plug that lets you set a schedule for all your connected electronics based on your daily or weekly routine. From lights to fans, you can switch on or off any appliance automatically with the Smart Plug. Who wouldn’t love this as a gift?

Those who nerd out on gadgets to those too lazy to get up and switch off the light before bed, the TP-Link Smart Plug is a fitting gift for all. The plug comes with voice control and WiFi connection, capable of working with Google Assistant and Alexa Echo.

Waxing Kara

Reusable spa bag, peace on earth candles, raw honey sticks, serenity spa tower, and so much more. Eva has tons of Waxing Kara gift options. Made with all-natural ingredients, they are the quintessential gift for those who champion sustainability or just looking for some pampering at home!

Recoup Cryosphere

Cryosphere from Recoup Fitness

What’s the one thing most professionals face at the end of the day? Tired bodies, muscle fatigue, and pain. That is why the Recoups Fitness Cryosphere is the consummate corporate gift. It gets your blood flowing and relaxes inflamed muscles.

The ball that blends the benefits of ice and massage is a great way to get rid of stress after work or soreness after a bike ride or workout.

WiFi Sports Camera

The Akaso WiFi sports camera comes with a waterproof camera and a wrist remote. You can use the EK 7000 to capture professional quality images and videos! The wide-angle in the 12MP camera and the instant sharing option is the cherry on the top.

The camera comes with a fully equipped accessory kit, making it the ultimate gift option for photography enthusiasts and sports lovers.

Our happiness guarantee powers Eva. In the rarest of rare cases, if a recipient doesn’t like their gift, we ship them another one free of charge to you!

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