Eva is the simplest and most powerful way to surprise and delight your customers.

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Fastest growing companies (of all sizes) use Eva to:


Increase customer satisfaction and happiness.


Increase survey response rate.


Incentivize feedback and testimonial gathering process.


Increase lifetime value of customers.


Send memorable gifts to customers and stay ahead of competition.

Essential tool for CXO's, customer success teams, sales reps, recruitment teams and real estate agents.

90% and above gift acceptance rate.
80% recipients respond with feedback and testimonials.
More than 90 companies have used Eva.

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  • No integration required
  • No need to go to a website or download an app
  • No need to collect and manage addresses and birthdays of customers
    Just copy Eva in an email and it will do the magic! Don’t believe us?

How it works?


Copy Eva (cc eva@evabot.ai) in an email.

Mention the intent of 'gifting' or 'thanking' in an email and send a gift from anywhere between $20 to $200.


Eva chats with the recipient for about 45 seconds.

Recipient receives a physical gift that matches their taste from one of our handpicked vendors.


Automatic gift tracking with email alerts.

Recipient's can leave a thank you message, testimonial or respond to a survey while chatting with Eva. Collect and export data directly to CRMs.




Rabi is a serial entrepreneur. At Eva, Rabi manages the product, grows it alongside Satwick and manages investor relationships. Rabi moved to silicon valley from India in 2016 to start Eva.


Satwick Saxena
Co-founder & CMO (silicon valley)

Satwick is an experienced growth, sales and product guy. Previously he held leadership roles at Indigo consulting and Star TV. Satwick knows all the streets of San Francisco because he and Rabi delivered first 200 gifts personally, mostly by walking!


Ashish Kumar
Co-founder & CTO (India)

Ashish is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate coder. He has developed the whole conversational engine for Eva single handedly.


Akshay Gupta
Co-founder & COO (India)

Akshay is a serial entrepreneur and is currently managing the Operations & Finance at Eva while being in India. He is soon moving to Canada to start the operations there.


Navish Bansal
Senior developer (India)

Navish is an experienced senior developer and works on the front end web design, developing the business dashboard and everything else that interacts with a user.


Tonia Cunningham
Operations (Silicon valley)

Tonia looks at all the operations in Silicon valley. That includes packing and shipping of gifts.


Boost VC

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Tuoc Luong

BodiData Inc.

Ashish Kelkar


Japan Vyas

Sixth Sense Ventures

Daniel Uribe

United IT Consultants Inc.

Anil Advani

Inventus Law

Don Chung


Vikas Tandon

Six String Ventures Pvt Ltd

Nischal Shetty


Abhishek Rungta

Indus Net

Pradyumna Dalmia

Lansdowne Investments Pvt Ltd

Shivam Shah

Augment Ventures

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