Send Premium Customer Appreciation and Closing Gifts in Seconds

We get it, you're busy. Whether you work in real estate, lending, sales, or consulting - time is your biggest asset. Still, you know how important it is to leave a lasting impression with a client or prospect. Eva helps you leave that impression through easy to send closing gifts.

Evabot for real estate
Real Estate

Find out why thousands of the top sellers in Real Estate use Eva for closing, house anniversary, and birthday gifting.

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Evabot for mortgage

Eva is perfect for Mortgage agents. High transaction volume, and frequently returning customers mean leaving an impression is key.

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Evabot for consultants
Financial Consultants

Never miss an opportunity with a client. Be confident that gifts are within FINRA requirements, without being cheap.

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Evabot for recruiters

Your best prospects are being flooded by recruiters. Use Eva to stand out amongst the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

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Give a gift your clients won't forget.

Being memorable is often the difference between closing a sale, and losing out. Our unique preference discovery process is as easy as having an instant messenger conversation. When you send a gift with Eva, all you have to do is enter the email of your recipient, and Eva does the rest, including preference discovery, packaging, and shipping. The best services handle everything from end to end. Eva does exactly that. This means you don't have to spend valuable time finding gifts to stand out, Eva takes care of it for you.